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Captain Robert Scott

There are thousands of links to be found by searching the Internet using keywords such as Captain, Scott, Antarctic, Expedition. Here are two examples:

"A woman who knew her own mind"

At this link be sure to scroll far enough past the deep header to reach the pith.

Wessex Actors

The WESSEX ACTORS COMPANY is a professional touring theatre company. Jenny toured with them in 2002/2003 performing 'A Christmas Carol' and is to tour with them again in 2003 to perform 'Not in My Back Yard'.

Looking for the ideal venue?

The WESSEX ACTORS COMPANY has appeared at and is sponsored by Quantock Lodge. Set in a delightful secluded position in its own extensive estate, Quantock Lodge provides the ideal venue for a wide variety of functions, meetings, training courses and houseparties. Telephone them on 01278 733100 for details.

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where Jenny trained, is a regular provider of theatre shows to paying audiences in the Bristol area.

Looking for an artist?

Spotlight is used by most TV, Film, Radio and Theatrical companies in the UK. Got to the top left of The Spotlight home page and type an artist's name or a Spotlight View PIN. You will find Jenny Coverack's entry there. The printed 2010/2011 version has it on page 823.

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